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15 things we didn’t know about Cadillac

today I am trying to surprise you with some amazing facts about a company that started from the bottom & climbed all the stairs to the top. please enjoy the 15 things we didn’t know about Cadillac!
well known for being one of the most luxurious car makers company, the Cadillac was almost always the first choice of influential people.
throughout the history, it made a name for itself, of being a top brand with an unstained reputation.
lets skip any other presentation, because I am eager to present these 15 things we didn’t know about Cadillac!



1. Cadillac is one of the oldest car maker

there is a big debate on who is the oldest car maker, Cadillac or General Motors, but I don’t think that the answer is relevant. the only thing that matters is that Cadillac managed to stay on top through all this years.

2. 2012 was a great year for Cadillac

in 2012 Cadillac managed to sell the astonishing number of 125,000 units only in the United States.

3. Al Capone was a big fan of Cadillac

he considered it a great gateway car, & after years Paramount Pictures purchase it, & used it in films such as The Godfather & The Untouchables.

4. 1910 was an year of revolution for Cadillac

in that year Cadillac started mass-producing the first car with enclosed cabins.

5. the new cars have an incredible technology

when you make a phone call, the audio system will mute, & the climate control fan will lower its activity, to make the perfect conditions during the call.

6. the 1957 Eldorado Brougham had a mini bar

the Cadillac is all about celebrating “the American dream”, & what better way to do that, than a nice glass of whisky?

7. the DeVille was the first car with night vision

this kind of cams are used for military purposes all the time, but in this case Cadillac decided to use them to distinguish objects on a obscure light, to make driving more secure.

8. Cadillac is using 3D technology printing since 1980

you might think that this kind of technology is quite recent, but in fact Cadillac is using it for decades for printing prototype pieces.

9. Cadillac was the first car that used an air-bag

you might say that this is not that impressive, because most of the cars today comes equipped with it, but at that time it was a very revolutionary thing.

10. Cadillac was the first car with a v16 engine

at that time. in 1930, it was considered a beast, with 160 hp under the hood that blow any competition away.

11. Cadillac was the first car with electric lights

the Cadillac has a reputation of being the first in many things, but this innovation brought the company to a whole new level.

12. President Woodrow Wilson had a Series 53 Cadillac

he used it for the victory parade of winning the World War I, in 1919.

13. the Pearl Harbor attack made quite an impression on president Franklin D. Roosevelt

after the attack, the president used a heavily armored Cadillac, that was originally owned by Al Capone.

14. today the presidential Cadillac is an impenetrable fortress on wheels

it has an oxygen supply, the doors are eight inches thick, & you can’t hear anything from the outside.

15. Cadillac has a tourist attraction

it was created by Ant Farm in 1974, it is Located in Amarillo, Texas, & the attraction is quite unusual.


so, which model of Cadillac do you think that it suits you best?


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