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15 things we didn’t know about KFC

KFC is a name that is synonymous with good service, crispy & delicious food. there is nothing better than watching a movie & sharing a family bucket with your loved ones. here are the 15 things we didn’t know about KFC!
it is the second largest fast-food franchise in the world, & it is present on 6 continents. I guess only the penguins are deprived of what KFC has to offer.
but when did KFC became that famous? which famous guitarist plays with a KFC bucket on his head, & how do they keep their notorious recipe so safe?
all this questions will be answered for you in our today article, 15 things we didn’t know about KFC.



1. the KFC famous recipe is locked in a vault
the recipe that consists in 11 spices, is kept very safe in a vault in Louisville, KY, & only a few people have access to it.

2. at first the founder of KFC was selling fried chicken at his home
he learned the recipe when he was a child, & later he started to sell food from his own house, including macaroni cheese & steaks.

3. finger-lickin’ Good was translated in Chinese to bite fingers off
KFC was one of the first fast-food chains, that moved to Asian markets, but they didn’t do a pretty good job when they translated their slogan into chinese.

4. they changed their name to avoid the word “fried”
at first they were called “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, but they chose to shorten it, in order to avoid a word that was synonym with unhealthy.

5. the first KFC was in a gas station
Colonel Sanders was the owner of a gas station, & he decided to move his business out of his own house into a more elaborate place

6. Colonel Sanders wasn’t actually a Colonel
this title is given in Kentucky, to a man who accomplished great things for his state.

7. the first KFC slogan came after a customer complaining
the KFC manager was asked by a customer, why their advertising campaign had someone who is disgustingly licking his fingers, & the answer was brilliant: because it’s finger-lickin’ good!

8. they use the exact same recipe used nearly 80 years ago
in all this years you probably think that maybe some ingredients have changed, but no, they kept the original recipe, & the only thing that have changed is the frying oil.

9. the famous guitarist buckethead wears a KFC bucket while performing
he is a former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, & he is notorious for his unusual appearance while performing on stage.

10. KFC is owned by YUM!
YUM! is an American fast food company, & they own Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, & of course KFC.

11. the first KFC bucked was sold in 1957
the words “bucket meal” are now associated with KFC, but actually the first bucket was sold 15 years after the franchise was born.

12. KFC doesn’t sell only chicken
in order to match the customers preferences all over the World, they had to adapt, & put other foods in the menu, like zinger shrimpo sandwiches in Middle East & rice n’ spice in Pakistan.

13. PETA is strongly against KFC
PETA is an organisation that boycott KFC with every occasion, due the fact that they think that KFC commit violations against chickens. because nowadays, you know, chickens have rights too!

14. US people love KFC
Americans made a reputation themselves of being hard fast-food lovers, & nearly 8 million people visit KFC everyday.

15. when Colonel Sanders died, all the Kentucky state was in mourning
all the state respectfully honored the death of Colonel Sanders, by putting flags on every state building, that flew for 4 days.