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sophisticated lunch carriers

if you are tired of the ordinary lunch bag or don’t like the classic lunch boxes here I present 10 sophisticated lunch carriers. those who have an office job that implies no spare time for a proper lunch, they have to bring their food from home & how better doing that rather than with a lunch bag. that […]

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El Diablo restaurant

check this out! this restaurant will cook your food by a volcano! if you ever wanted your food cooked by a volcano, here is the perfect place for you. there are thousands ways to cook a meal in every culture on earth. some of them we are using on our daily basics, while of others […]

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my ‘independence’ day

this bengi, the mendung is gumandul on the sky. the gluduks sound jlegar jleger like mercon. the lightning mak clorot many times. my memean is miber up to my windows because kesebul the wind. the trees geal geol also almost fall. the rain sound gembrojog nang nduwure roof. it is very mbebayani! now, I’m afraid […]

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14 things we didn’t know about McDonald’s

welcome to our today topic, where we are gonna discuss about the world’s largest restaurant chain, & we’ll show you some unbelievable facts about it! here are the 14 things we didn’t know about McDonald’s! there are only a few branches that resisted on a recession, & McDonald’s is one of it. the business was not harmed […]

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