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25 things we didn’t know about Ferrari

a name that is synonym with fast cars & lots of horse power, Ferrari managed to built an undisputed image. only a few other brands such as Lamborghini or Porsche, can compete with this colossal company. here are the 25 things we didn’t know about Ferrari!
the history behind Ferrari is quite interesting, considering the fact that this is a story about a man’s passion that was turned into something that no one was expected.
Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, was a simple man that dedicated every minute of his life to learning more & more about cars. with his burning passion & with his knowledge accumulated in time, he managed to built something extraordinary.
a Ferrari is not just a car, it is a piece of art, an amalgamation of great engineering, hard work & determination. with that said, let us introduce it into the world of fast cars & great ambitions! these are the 25 things we didn’t know about Ferrari!



1. Enzo Ferrari got into the World of racing at the age of 20, but he was dreaming about it since he was 10.

2. he started working as a mechanic/racer at Alfa Romeo, & he put together one of the most notorious racing team in the world, Scuderia Ferrari.

3. the logo came from a WWI Italian pilot, Francesco Barraca, who used to put a horse emblem on his plane. later when he died, Enzo met his mother, & she told him to put the horse logo on his cars for good-luck.

4. Enzo was always a big fan of competitions, because he thought that competitions bring out the best in people.

5. since 1950 the only Ferrari road car that wasn’t designed by Pininfarina, was the 308FT4 which was designed by Bertone.

6. the most expensive car in the World is a Ferrari 250 GTO & it was sold for the astonishing amount of $38 million.

7. Enzo Ferrari passed away in his sleep, in 1988 at the age of 90.

8. today the president of the company is Luca di Montezemolo, & he was Enzo Ferrari’s personal assistant.

9. if you don’t afford a Ferrari, now you can rent one for 25,000 rubles per day at Penguin Auto.

10. 2010 was the most tragic F1 season for Ferrari, because they scored only 8 points.

11. the first street cars made by Ferrari, were built only because their factories were bombed two times, & they were forced to create a revenue generator to fund the racing team.

12. in 1961 the company was in crisis because of a dispute between Enzo & his managers. they were not pleased with the role that his wife Laura, played for the company.

13. Ford tried once to buy Ferrari from Enzo, but the negotiations didn’t go that well, & this is were all that grudge between them started.

14. Ferrucio Lamborghini hated Enzo Ferrari. from our 15 THINGS WE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT LAMBORGHINI article: “When Ferruccio Lamborghini first purchased a Ferrari, was very disappointed by their services”. that is how this big competition between Ferrari & Lamborgini started.

15. but the person who hated Enzo the most was Carroll Shelby. before he founded Shelby, he worked for Enzo, & one of his best friends died in a racing accident, blaming Enzo for this unfortunate accident.

16. Enzo once said: “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines”. it is funny because the last car that he ever built, was the F40, which was considered the most aerodynamic car of its times.

17. Enzo cultivated a very enigmatic image, & he used to wear sunglasses even when he was interviewed indoor.

18. Enzo’s mother & his wife Laura hated each other very much. his mother died in 1965 after she chocked with a boiled egg. I bet that Laura was very happy with that incident.

19. Enzo’s chief designer once said about him: “As a businessman he is excellent, as a human being he is a zero“.

20. Ferrari 400GT was their first car that had an automatic gear box.

21. Modena & 360 Spider were a big success, & they manage to sell 17,500 pieces, making them the best-selling models.

22. Ferrari Enzo was the most powerful road car made by the company, & it produces 660 hp.

23. the first Ferrari car ever made was the 125 S model.

24. Enzo Ferrari’s nickname was “Il Commendatore”, which means Commander, & it was chosen by Vittorio Emmanuel III, the King of Italy.

25. in 1919 Enzo & his friend Ugo Sivocci, got trapped in deep snow, & they were attacked by wolves. Enzo managed to scare them away with a revolver.


so, what is your favorite Ferrari model ever made?


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