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30th anniversary of eiffel tower restaurant

I am happy to announce that Eiffel Tower Restaurant Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary!

French chef Alain Ducasse has created a 9-course menu to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his restaurant called “Le Jules Verne” at the Eiffel Tower, with each course paying homage to his restaurant’s namesake.

tomorrow, on January 30, which will be on a Thursday, Le Jules Verne will host an anniversary dinner that will take guests to a culinary journey through Vernes’ literary works. dinner is cost  €550 a person, which is not to much for this amazing restaurant! the view is so important that money won’t matter anymore!


a starter of sea urchin, for instance, will be paired with a 1996 Dom Perignon to invoke “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

a dish of scallops, gold caviar , cauliflower, & gelée will be served to represent “The Mysterious Island,” while “North against South” will be plated using truffled Brie cheese from Meaux, served with an herb salad. the restaurant is located on the second floor of the tower at 125 meters above ground.


subtle & surprising, the legendary restaurant in the Eiffel Tower reveals itself in a new light, transporting you into a new world! a world of lights, peace, awesome view & romance.


Alain Ducasse, who loves restaurants that hint at a story, could not have dreamt of a better venue than the Eiffel Tower, the unanimously recognized Parisian icon. embark on a wonderful journey, 125 meters above ground level, in a high tech & sensorial setting dreamt up by Patrick Jouin, overlooking the City of Lights. with chef Pascal Féraud, Alain Ducasse has created a resolutely modern French menu, devoid of all pretension, focused exclusively on pleasure. every detail is designed so that a moment spent at the Jules Verne will remain forever engraved in the mind of the person who lived it.


so you still have time to book a table, email [email protected].

the restaurant fetes its 30th anniversary the same year that the Eiffel Tower celebrates its 125th anniversary.

I  can’t imagine how it will be, if my future boyfriend will invite me to have the last dinner at Le Jules Verne! I really want to travel more the next time, & I think I will start with Paris because it’s my soulmate city. first stop, Eiffel Tower!!

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