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become a morning person

if you are just like me, you are probably wondering which could be the best reasons to become a morning person. & you will have an answer to your question. because there actually are some pretty good reasons to wake up in the morning.
the early bird catches the worm, or so they say. & I bet you already know there are a lot of worms to be caught. & with life meant to be lived & not slept through, I guess we can all agree that skipping the snooze button & waking up early might have its advantages.
I know it’s hard (trust me), but once you get the taste of it, you’ll most probably like it. so let’s have a look at the 10 best reasons to become a morning person!


1. you’ll have more energy
the first good reason for waking up early is the energy you’ll have.
ok, you probably feel like you are about to die & you barely open your eyes to make that cup of coffee that might help you a bit, but that’s because you are probably used to waking up late.
after a few days you’ll have your routine & you will actually feel like you’re more productive & energetic in the morning.
the later you wake up, the later you will start doing whatever you need to do, & spending your time working it’s not so fun in the evening, when you’ll already feel tired. so do all you need to do before the evening comes, & you’ll have time to live a little.


2. you won’t be in a hurry
what can be worse than starting your day hurrying & rushing?
pretty much nothing, & that’s why waking up earlier is one of the best things you can do. just think about when you’re late to a meeting, & you’re all rushing & running, & getting annoyed that nothing is right.
forget that feeling & have some time to relax & start you day right. drink your coffee slowly, enjoy your breakfast, think about how you’re going to dress & get prepared.
maybe, if you wake up soon enough you will have time to shower or even to exercise. I dare you to do that!
but anyway, starting your day relaxed will keep you constant all through the day, without going from rushing & anger, to having to calm down because you’re at the office already, with that big coffee spot on your shirt because you were running to get there.


3. you will have time for personal things
how many times have you not had the time to answer your e-mails, texts, or simply browse the internet to see how much that shirt that you love costs?
waking up in the morning will give you the time to do all the little things that you won’t feel like doing after you get home from work. make breakfast, or maybe even lunch, do the laundry, or why not read?
whatever you feel like you need or want to do, but you will be too exhausted to even bother about it after a long working day.
you will have everything done for when you get back, so you will have some time to enjoy with your family or friends.


4. you will have a sense of accomplishment
doing all the things I’ve told you that could be done at #3, will make you feel accomplished.
you will go to work knowing that everything is done, problems are solved, things are crossed off your list, & you can focus on your job now.
work schedule can be sometimes very stressful, but if you know everything else is taken care of you’ll manage to keep your calm. & if you need it, in that extra time in the morning, you can even work a little before you know… going to work.
whatever helps you to feel accomplished, do it! everybody needs a little ego boost from time to time.


5. you’ll be more efficient
efficiency is the key to a good day.
& what better way than to be efficient right from the first hours of the day?
with everyone else asleep you will be less distracted & you will definitely get more things done in less time. without any breaks or interruptions you will get everything finished without even noticing it.
& you know what they say, it’s best to work in two to four hour sessions, with a little break in between, than constantly being interrupted, so the morning is the best time to have that first session of the day. learn to do more in the morning in order to do less at night.


6. you’ll start early & finish early
another one of the best reasons to become a morning person is finishing everything earlier.
& this one is pure logic: you start early, you finish early. & you will have extra time for yourself, or for your friends & family.
time management is one of the smartest things ever, & if you can handle it, you’re all good. manage your time wisely & learn how to be productive even if you don’t work all day.
start working early & don’t take any (long) breaks, because you will loose your working buzz. live the life you want & enjoy that free time we all need to have.


7. you’ll have a schedule
there’s nothing better than having a schedule.
this is why waking up in the morning is good, & this is the thing that morning people do differently (& they do it better).
imagine you are waking up at 7 a.m., you have breakfast & get ready until 8, or 8:30 & then you’re off to work or do whatever you need to get done. you will have lunch later on, & then finish all your duties, & you’re done for the day.
this is not only healthy for your body, but it’s good for your brain as well. the brain will get used to your schedule & will know when you need to be productive and active, & when not.
this way, you’ll have a better night sleep, without worrying that you’ve just wasted your time, & the next morning you will be all fresh & ready for a new day!


8. you’ll experience more
one of the best reasons to wake up in the morning is the array of new things you will experience.
living is all about experiencing new, interesting things, & when was the last time you heard the first chirping of the birds, or the last time you saw the sunrise?
ok, I’m not saying to wake up at 5 a.m. every single day, but allowing yourself to experience all these little things in the calm of the morning will make you feel like you are indeed living your life, not wasting it. there’s coffee to keep you awake, so don’t sleep through your life.


9. you’ll get to be yourself
waking up in the morning will allow you to be yourself.
without make up, in your jammies, all natural, no masks. tou don’t have to impress anyone, you don’t have to care about anything, you are just… you.
light up some candles & relax, dance on your favourite song, get to do what you love & learn how to be yourself, because no one else is watching.
you will feel better, more relaxed, happier, & you will start your day with a good vibe. what more can you want?


10. you’ll live more
& the last but not the least of the best reasons to become a morning person is that you will actually live more.
waking up in the morning automatically makes you live a couple of extra hours, & if you add all those hours I bet that you will be amazed of how much time you were wasting sleeping.
you can sleep as much as you want during weekends (everyone deserves a cheat day), but makes sure you are living as much as you can… literally, because life is full of beautiful things that must not be missed!
& I bet you’ll even enjoy your job more with all those positive feelings going on!


these are the best reasons to become a morning person!





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