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ice cream

last week, my friend took her children to a restaurant. her six-year-old son asked if he could say grace. as they bowed their heads, he said, “GOD is good. GOD is great. Thank you for the food, & I would even thank you more if mom gets us ice cream for dessert. & liberty & justice for all! Amen!” along with the laughter from […]

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Della, a great mom


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there was a professor of philosophy who was a deeply committed atheist. his primary goal for one required class was to spend the entire semester proving that GOD couldn’t exist. his students were always afraid to argue with him because of his impeccable logic. sure, some had argued in class at times, but no one had […]

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do you still believe in GOD?

it was several years ago when I first read about the Columbine High School Massacre. it took place on April 20, 1999 in Columbine, in the State of Colorado in United States. 2 senior students, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, shot & killed 12 students & a teacher & then took their own lives. it was a heart breaking tragedy […]

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