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most expensive stadiums in the world

watching a football game at home doesn’t compare with watching a football game when you are there, when all the action happens. the atmosphere, the crowd, the anthem. & if you watch the game on one of the most expensive stadiums in the world, that’s once in a life time experiences.   #5 Wembley Stadium – $1.25 […]

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the most expensive Popeye

if you love this cartoon character, then you’ll love to hear that a statue of him is considered the most expensive Popeye statue in the world. the highest priced Popeye statue in the world was made by the same man who created the ‘Balloon Dog’, an artwork worth $58.4 million which broke the world’s record […]

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most expensive comic book ever sold

if you like super heroes then you’ll know what I am talking about. if you don’t know I’ll tell you, the origin of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Spiderman & other superheroes is the comic book. since the debut of theprototypal superhero Lee Falk’s The_Phantom in 1936 followed by Superman in 1938 the Most Expensive Comic Book Ever […]

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most spectacular christmas trees in the world

I’m crazy about them, especially the ones from different town or cities. some of them are amazing, some of them are meh, some of them are so & so. every city with its budget. & some of the Christmas trees are different. made from Lego pieces,from food, from recycled bottles, etc. have a look on […]