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bicara soal makanan, saya bangga sebagai orang Indonesia karena beberapa jenis makanan Indonesia telah diakui kelezatannya di dunia, seperti rendang & sate. tapi kali ini saya ingin menulis mengenai 1 jenis makanan Indonesia yang ternyata punya makna simbolis yang luar biasa. tumpeng. ya… nasi tumpeng, jenis hidangan yang familiar bagi orang Indonesia terutama yang berdomisili di […]

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10 reasons why it’s actually better to be a pessimist

  don’t worry if you’re not an optimist & let me give you 10 main reasons why it’s actually better to be a pessimist. I don’t want you to think that is wrong to be an optimist, but it’s most definitely better & safer to be a pessimist. now I’m not saying that you should […]

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French, please…

it’s time for summer, it’s time for holiday! anyone has a plan for romantics trip to French? let’s know little their beautiful languange…    

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cat says ‘I love you’

cats are sweet, soft, & outrageously adorable. they can also be the most annoying creatures on the planet, with absolutely no regard for personal space or dignity. turns out that’s just more of their sweetness. 1. gnawing on your appendages there you are, just watching TV together. you reach over to stroke your adorable kitty, who’s […]

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