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French, please…

it’s time for summer, it’s time for holiday! anyone has a plan for romantics trip to French? let’s know little their beautiful languange…    

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cat says ‘I love you’

cats are sweet, soft, & outrageously adorable. they can also be the most annoying creatures on the planet, with absolutely no regard for personal space or dignity. turns out that’s just more of their sweetness. 1. gnawing on your appendages there you are, just watching TV together. you reach over to stroke your adorable kitty, who’s […]

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stairs turned into amazing piece of art

this  stairs turned into amazing piece of art will amaze you! I’ve seen some great examples of amazing art lately & I thought about giving you another example. the painted stairs is a good example of the amazing art. recently I’m seeing lots of people involved into art in a way or another & that […]

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10 unbelievable 3D street artworks

this phenomenon started with the graffiti art boom that was born on the streets of New York in the 1960s, but exploded after the graffiti art boom in the 1980s. it was a very controversial topic because for many years graffiti was considered a form of vandalism. it wasn’t until recently that people embraced it […]

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