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dogs: inspiring story

this is a story of eddie -a blind black labrador- & his buddy, milo.

before eddie went blind, he & milo were the best puppy friends, romping it up in the woods, playing fetch, chasing after toys…

when eddie went blind, milo stepped up to the task of guiding eddie without any training.

today, we can see milo leading eddie on a leash, & acting as his eyes.

milo also wears a bell on his collar so eddie can easily find him.

milo care so much for eddie that he always licks his face, sleeps in the same room & spend all his time with eddie. without milo, eddie would be lost.

a story of true friendship, love & commitment.

milo saw his brother need & filled it, without a second thought…

human, take an example from this.

get your priorities straight, your shit together & help a brother when he need you the most.


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