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El Diablo restaurant

check this out! this restaurant will cook your food by a volcano!

if you ever wanted your food cooked by a volcano, here is the perfect place for you.
there are thousands ways to cook a meal in every culture on earth. some of them we are using on our daily basics, while of others we had no idea.
1 of those ways is the volcano barbeque. we are sure that not many of you have heard about this unique way to prepare food.
but humans are always searching for new & easier ways to cook their meals, & why not use the nature to help them do it?
humans have thought at impressive ways to cook the meals, & extract what’s only the best from the products they use, & since they discovered fire they incorporated in their cooking habits. & so did the guys from this place.
it is called El Diablo, & it’s a restaurant located in Lanzarote. there the food is cooked with the geothermal heat from an actual volcano.




how out of the ordinary is that?
if you wanted to get your mind blown by how the meals are cooked over the world, El Diablo is certainly the place you need to visit, at least once in your lifetime.
in the past, we’ve talked about unusual restaurants, & this is surely one of them.
based in Timanfaya National Park in the Canary Islands, the restaurant has incredible panoramic views of the Fire Mountains.
it was designed by a local architect named Cesar Manrique, who had the brilliant idea to use the volcano as a barbeque, back in the 1970s.




from what it is made of?
the most important part of the cooking, the grill, is an impressive piece of equipment. there are 9 layers of ballast rock where the cast iron rack rests, & the bubbling lava is only 6 feet down below.
it stays a toasty 840+ºF all the time, & its existence is something of a geothermal anomaly.




but is the meat cooked there safe to eat?
as far as the volcano vapors are safe or not, the manager Julio Padron said to ABC that El Diablo consulted with scientist & volcanologists, & gave the restaurant green light for the method.
which means, yes it is safe to eat the meat barbequed by the volcano.




& as for other health concern, the eruption of the volcano is unlikely, but not impossible. considering that the last eruption was in 1824, there are some questions marks regarding the subject, especially if the volcano is still considered active.
however, the ongoing scientific observation would provide ample warning if the volcano will become threatening.
until then, you can enjoy a unique meal at the El Diablo. in addition to views of the island, a three-course meal & transportation to & from one’s hotel, the restaurant offers a tour of the cooking grill to tourists for 50 euros.




but would you do it? would you stay on the edge of the volcano & eat a piece of chicken grilled there?



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