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most expensive christmas ornament

Christmas is coming very quickly & we’ve already started to search for the most expensive Christmas trees,  gifts & ornaments for our home.

if you still have money after all your Christmas shopping, then it’s a good time to start shopping for your Christmas ornaments to get into the spirit of things. every holiday we redecorate the entire house just to make the Christmas more splendid & comfy for everyone’s heart. spending Christmas  with our family should be the best days of our life.

so, if you have a bank account that is still full of money, you should keep reading. the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Ornament is on sale for charity.


Most Expensive Christmas Ornament in the World

the ornament itself is composed with 1,578 diamonds encrusted in 18 carat white gold. 2 rings made of 188 red rubies surround the body of the ornament. it took over 130 hours just to set the gems in the piece. but this doesn’t stop here. it also sport 31 carat diamonds fastened into the sphere itself.

The National Association of Goldsmiths valued the bauble at  $130,000.

this ornament is deigned by Embee Jewels of London in association with Hallmark Jewellers & comes in a luxury hand made box made of wood. according to Mark Hussey, a partner in Hallmark Jewellers, as he reported in the Telegraph, he had a vision about making something really special & he has done some research before starting to work on the piece. it took him almost a full year to made this amazing ornament, & then he thought to find a buyer for this fabulous piece.


Most Expensive Christmas Ornament in the World

will the name Hallmark become associated with Christmas the way Faberge is permanently linked to gorgeously designed & bejeweled Easter eggs? only time will tell, but if you’d like a very splashy ornament for your tree you know where to look.

I’m so in love with this ornament & personally I would bought it if I’ve had a big bank account, but I don’t & I will let you guys to enjoy it. your Christmas tree will definitely look amazing with this ornament !


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