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most expensive fountain in the world

what is the most expensive fountain in the world? we all know that Dubai have a lots of great, expensive, beautiful attractions. from Wild Wadi Water Park to Burj Khalifa. check out the latest acquisition in Dubai.

the construction of the Dubai Fountain cost $217 million. located on the Burj Kahlifa Lake, the Dubai Fountain was constructed by the same firm who created the fountains of Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, ‘WET’. the inauguration was on 8th May 2009.





the most expensive fountain in the world is 900 feet long & sprays jets up to 500 feet high. also, it can spray almost 22.000 gallons of water (83.000 liters) in any shape combinations & directions. at night, the Dubai Fountain gets more beautiful with the help of 25 color projectors & 6.600 WET superlights. such as the Bellagio Fountain, the water jets can be set to different synchronized music, from classical to Arabian music, & the Swahili song Baba Yetu. the glow of the WET lights can be seen from a distance of over 20 miles.







if you are in Dubai & you want to enjoy the music shows, the music performances last only 30 minutes, from 1:00 PM and from 1:30 PM on weekdays and from 6 PM to 11 Pm on weekends (meaning Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

the music playlist includes :

– ‘Sama Dubai’, which is the first song that plays and it’s a tribute to Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai’s ruler;

– ‘Baba Yetu’, a Grammy award-winning song in Swahili, the ‘Civilization IV’ video game soundtrack;

– ‘Inshed An Aldar’ (meaning ‘Ask About Home’), it’s and Emirati song which was written for the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa (4 January 2010);

– ‘I will always love you’, a song written by Whitney Houston;

– ‘All night long’, by Lionel Richie;

– ‘Thriller’, by Michael Jackson;

– ‘The Prayer’, by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion;

– ‘Flying Drum’, Vertical Orchestra – Drums;

– ‘Ishy Bilady’, which is the UAE National Anthem.

– and more.


here you have some videos with some of the performances :

Dubai Fountain – ‘Thriller’, by Michael Jackson

Dubai Fountain – ‘Baba Yetu’

Dubai Fountain – ‘I will always love you’, by Whitney Houston





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