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richest companies in the world | TOP 10

which ones are the richest companies in the world? let’s find out who is the biggest company in the world in 2014!

the top will show you how much money the most famous companies have & how they started the billion dollars empires.

when you own a company that is worth billions is not much you can’t do. the CEOs of these companies are one of the richest people in the world, & soon you’ll find out how they’ve built their empires.

it all started from this one idea, & soon that idea turned into billions. is all due to their efforts to build something new and different; they were the kind of people that you need to have in your life.

Richest Companies in the World, let the countdown begin!


#10. Procter & Gamble- $82.55 Billion

on number 10 we have Procter & Gamble’s. what is Procter & Gamble’s? basicaly, they are a famous soap making company.

it all started in the late 1830s as a business venture between British candle-maker William Procter & Irish soap-maker James Gamble & that’s how Procter and Gamble’s was born.

they’ve started big, in their first year their revenues each year were over $1 million. all happened in the Civil War when they were contracted to supply soap & candles for the Union Army.

it all went so well that in the ‘40s and ‘50s they expanded their horizons & added products such as Tide, Prell, Charmin, Pampers & the first fluoride toothpaste Crest.

ever since, the company has continued to expand worldwide, & now manufactures 31 brands that earn more than $1 billion each other, along with a wide range of lesser-selling items.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble



#9. IBM- $112.5 Billion

who hasn’t heard about IBM Company? IBM is also known as International Business Machines Corporation & was formed in response to four major technological breakthroughs.

the breakthroughs were the invention of the computing scale, the dial recorder, the electric tabulating machine & the time clock. founded in the early 20th Century, the company has been evolving ever since.

in the 1950s IMB produced the first self-learning program & launched a successful line of typewriters. the 60s came £ found them working with NASA to create more effective ways to track the flight of astronauts.

there was then they launched their first series of computer systems.

since their beginnings the company has changed a bit & went to the software market becoming one of the biggest software developments.

now it has a net worth estimated at $112.5 billion all with the help of their 433,362 employers.





#8. AT&T- $126.723 Billion

in the beginning the AT&T was split into seven “Baby Bells” smaller corporations that controlled telecommunications in particular regions around the US.

when the company was forced to break-up because the U.S Government ordered so, the Bell received the majority of AT&T ownership rights.

that’s how the developing of cellular & mobile communications began. al in addition to their landline service & started buying smaller companies that were related to telecommunications development & innovation.

they continued as Southwestern Bell Corporation (now known as SBC Communications Inc) & in 2002 their purchased the original parent company AT&T for $16 billion.

since then, the company has continued to grow, & has focused the majority of its development on new technology & mobile communications.





#7. Berkshire Hathaway- $143.688 Billion

what started as two separate textile manufacturing companies, one if Rhode Island & the other in Massachusetts, soon become one of the richest companies in the world.

when they had the brilliant idea to merge in 1929 from Valley Falls Company & Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Company into Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates, their net worth hasn’t stop growing since.

the company now owns & operates an insurance arm, including GEICO, & utilities and energy group, multiple clothing manufacturers, including Fruit of the Loom, building products manufacturers, financial groups, & multiple retail arms.

it employs 260,000 people & currently is one of the richest companies in the world.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway



#6. General Electric- $147.3 Billion

this company, just like the previous one, was formed from the merger of two smaller companies. one of them had the business contacts & reputation and the other had a huge number of patents.

I say this kind of partnership is quite fantastic for everyone, isn’t it?

the company has led innovation in turbo superchargers for aircraft use & energy generation from large wind turbines.

in the 50s the company had begun to develop its own line of computing systems & software, but the project wasn’t that great & ended up by being abandoned.

but since then they expanded into telecommunications & entertainment. currently GE own more than a half of NBC Universal & has several divisions like GE Energy, GE Technology Infrastructure & GE Capital.

GE designed & built the nuclear reactors that fell apart in Japan after the 2011 earthquake & tsunami, & they have been accused of handling their toxic waste inappropriately.

it all comes with the perks of being one of the most famous companies in the world, right?

General Electric

General Electric



#5. Apple -$185 Billion

the company’s success has been on the lips of everyone and in every magazine so far. when Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, people around the world cried for him because he left something important for all of us.

what is that something? Apple, the company launched by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, & Ronald Wayne in 1976 it has greater amount of money in their reserves than the US government.

with several failed attempts to break into the technology market, you’ll think they would have giving up, but no. in the late 90s when Steve Jobs returned to run the company everything started to fall into pieces.

with the introduction of the all-in-one iMac in 1998, an entirely new era began for Apple.

since then, is all history. Apple is one of the richest companies in the world because of their productive lines, & famous products like the iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook Air & the iPad.





#4. Toyota – $236 Billion

raise your hand if you drive a Toyota! c’mon let’s see how many Toyota fans are there!

founded in the early 30s, Toyota’s net worth continued to grow ever since & now reached $236 billion.

their hybrid vehicles & gas mileage technology makes their vehicles far more environmentally & fiscally friendly than other brands, that’s the main reason why Toyota’s net worth is so big.

Toyota produced the A1 & the G1, a passenger car & a truck, respectively during its first years of operation & from there, you all know what happened.

in the mid to late-90s, they expanded into luxury car manufacture, including a line of pickup trucks & SUVS, & began producing the most popular hybrid vehicle, the Prius which according to Top Gear is the ugliest car ever.

because they are professional & their net worth is enormous, they are on the 4th place in our top 10 richest companies in the world.





#3. Chevron -$253.706 Billion

Chevron is an important oil company. the company has merged with several other small companies & since 1800s when was created they’ve been into oil business.

the reason why the company was created is that oil was discovered just north of Los Angeles & Standard Oil subsequently bought up Pacific Oil.

because they were the first to discover one massive oil field their net worth has grown significantly.

after Standard Oil was split apart in the early 1900s, the section of Standard Oil that was made up of the former Pacific Coast Oil company was named Standard Oil Company of California, or SoCal.

they are one of the biggest oil companies in the world & of course of the richest companies in the entire world.





#2. Walmart- $446.9 Billion

Wallmart started as a plan in Sam Walton head when he began his retail career. basically was a man with a dream, & look where that got him!

his previous experiences in retail were so successful than he decided to open his own shop called Walton’s Five & Dime. Walmart Discount City followed in 1962 & the rest, is history my friends.

all it took was one store & then he expanded in all around US. Plus, Canada, UK, Brazil, Japan, India & Argentina & Mexico are some of the countries that Walmart is present.

interesting fact! more than half of Walmart’s total sales are grocery items, rather than clothes, toys, or electronics.

with shops most of the countries around the world, Walton family still owns the business.





#1. Exxon- $486.429 Billion

Exxon was “born” in 1999 when Exxon & Mobil merged together to create a bigger empire. Exxon is a corporation focused on gas & mobile production.

the gasoline, diesel fuel, auto repair & convenience store company was formed in the 70s. is the largest oil company & produces 3.291 million barrels of oil a day.

as the largest publicity traded company in the world & the largest company in the world based on revenue, Exxon is also the richest company in the world.

the company has been responsible for the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill (11 million gallons), the Greenpoint, Brooklyn spill (17 to 30 million gallons over a 100 year span), the 2011 Yellowstone River Spill (1000 barrels of oil), & the 2012 Baton Rouge pipeline spill (80,000 gallons).





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