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most expensive stadiums in the world

watching a football game at home doesn’t compare with watching a football game when you are there, when all the action happens. the atmosphere, the crowd, the anthem. & if you watch the game on one of the most expensive stadiums in the world, that’s once in a life time experiences.   #5 Wembley Stadium – $1.25 […]

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most amazing aquariums in the world

aquariums are known since the Roman Empire times. the first fish who has been transferred to an aquarium was the sea barbel. the Romans kept him in small marble tank under the beds of their guest rooms. on the other side of the globe, China developed porcelain tubs where they kept their goldfish. keeping fish […]

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most expensive fountain in the world

what is the most expensive fountain in the world? we all know that Dubai have a lots of great, expensive, beautiful attractions. from Wild Wadi Water Park to Burj Khalifa. check out the latest acquisition in Dubai. the construction of the Dubai Fountain cost $217 million. located on the Burj Kahlifa Lake, the Dubai Fountain was constructed by […]

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most amazing office – Mark Parker Nike’s CEO

if you want to be amazed & blown away, let’s enter to the  Most Amazing Office – Mark Parker Nike’s CEO.  but who is this guy? Mark Parker is his name, he joined the company in 1979 as a shoe designer but he also was the manager of the company & the vice-president among years. […]

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