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happy new year 2018

saat ini… waktu saya menulis ini, saya sedang duduk di teras depan rumah menikmati sarapan sambil menunggu sinar matahari supaya pasukan banana bisa berjemur. suasana pagi pertama di tahun 2018, sepiiiiii sekali karena saya yakin kebanyakan tetangga pasti menikmati malam pergantian tahun ditempat² keramaian & baru kembali ke rumah masing² menjelang pagi & sekarang masih […]

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GOD’s cake

  a daughter is telling her mother how everything is going wrong. she’s failing algebra, her boyfriend broke up with her, & her best friend is moving away. meanwhile, her mother is baking a cake & asks her daughter if she would like a snack. the daughter says, “absolutely mom, I love your cake.” “here, have some […]

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happy new year….

a prayer for new year thank you LORD for giving me the brand new year ahead. help me live the way I should as each new day I tread. give me gentle wisdom that I might help a friend, give me strength & courage so a shoulder I might lend. the year ahead is empty, help me fill it […]

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top 10 destinations to celebrate new year’s eve

New Year’s Eve is celebrated world wide by all individuals, regardless of their nationality & religion. we are all sitting tight for this uncommon night & painstakingly planning for it. numerous individuals even accept that a satisfaction of an approaching year hinges on upon how you use your New Year’s Eve. assuming that it is […]

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