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they know not what they do

I came up with an idea that whenever you have a bad thought, you should imagine JESUS entering into the scene you’re imaginging. I tried it, but I was shocked by what my mind seemed to produce automatically. JESUS entered the scene in my mind, but HE wasn’t just hanging out. HE was hanging on the cross, & HE spoke. HE said, “FATHER, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”
I’ve never heard a preacher say this, but this seemingly automatic way that CHRIST entered my mind made me think that maybe HE wasn’t just talking about those who were executing Him as much when HE said that as HE was talking about every person who’s ever sinned or ever will sin in thought or in action. that is what really killed Him after all…

JESUS ministered to & welcomed all to the table including tax collectors, sinners, women, the poor, the broken & the shunned. HE confronted the the unjust structures of his time, thereby, alienating religious & political powerful authorities of his time. they executed Him.
JESUS’ death & resurrection shows that ultimately, GOD’s infinite passionate love, compassion & liberation will triumph over every injustice, sorrow, hurt, disappointment & evil in our world.
we are called to live CHRIST’s message of love, justice, empowerment & transformation in our world by our service to everyone we encounter. we are the body of CHRIST, broken & shared today! let us recognize that the CHRIST presence everywhere we turn, & love one another with the Heart of GOD.




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