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10 reasons why it’s actually better to be a pessimist


don’t worry if you’re not an optimist & let me give you 10 main reasons why it’s actually better to be a pessimist.
I don’t want you to think that is wrong to be an optimist, but it’s most definitely better & safer to be a pessimist.
now I’m not saying that you should go nuts and expect to die every time you walk out the door, but the perfect dose of pessimism is more than welcomed in your life.
& it will help you in many aspects of your life, it will improve a lot of your skills & it will actually protect you from some of the worst feelings one can experience.
so, let me present to you another perspective & help you better appreciate life as a pessimist.


10. you’re not going to be disappointed
let’s start with the best thing about being a pessimist.
I think we can all agree that being disappointed is one of the hardest feelings one can deal with, it’s like a strong punch in the stomach.
but if you’re a pessimist, the good news is that you will never really feel that pain. of course, there will be times when you’ll be disappointed, but the feeling will be not even close to what an optimist would feel if things go wrong.
why? because you were already expecting the worst, so nothing can really hit you that hard if it doesn’t go the right way.
9. lower expectations are more realistic
expectations are one of the main chapters in anything you’ll try to achieve.
& what I was telling you was that huge expectations are a dangerous, dangerous thing because if it doesn’t happen the way you imagined it, then it’s going to affect you big time.
but then of course, expectations are good & they must exist, but the trick is to lower them & therefore, to make them more realistic.
baby steps, you know.


8. you’re always prepared
surreal as it seems, being a pessimist can teach you many things.
one of those things is to always be prepared. & you’re not even going to make an effort for that, it will all come naturally.
just hear me out:
if you’re always in stand by & you’re well aware of the bad scenarios that can happen, then of course you’ll always be prepared to deal with them.
it will come as a natural defense & you can bet it’s going to save your back from a lot of nasty situations you’re going to find yourself in.


7. you will truly enjoy a surprise
& here come the benefits of being a pessimist.
let’s make a parallel between an optimist & a pessimist for a better understanding of this scenario.
if you’re an optimist, if something that you’ve planned works out perfectly, of course, you’re satisfied & you feel good because everything went according to your plan.
but if you’re a pessimist and something goes right, you’ll be damn right surprised because you didn’t expect it to happen in a million years.
& that intense joy of a surprise is something an optimist can never experience if something goes well.


6. you’re a long-time player
this is one of the best qualities of a pessimist.
as I was saying before, you’re always ready for & expecting the worst case scenarios, so if something does indeed goes wrong, it doesn’t hit you that hard as it would be in the case of an optimist.
so getting up & starting again all the way from the bottom is a piece of cake for you. what I’m trying to say is that you’re indeed a long-term player because nothing can really affect you that hard to not try again.
in other words, persistence is your strength & your super power.


5. you’re more precautious
this is another lesson that pessimism teaches you.
& it goes hand in hand with what I’ve told you before, that you’re always prepared.
it’s kind of the same judgement. if you’re always ready for the worst things to happen & you’ve probably already gone through every possible scenario in your head, then you’ve already gone through all the possible solutions.
inevitably, whenever you picture a horrible scenario, you automatically think of a way of fixing or avoiding it, right?
so, you can relax now because there isn’t something that could happen to which you don’t already have a solution.


4. nothing can entirely ruin your day
oh, the perks of being a pessimist.
do you know what is the best part of being a pessimist? there isn’t such thing as an 100% disastrous day.
why? the same reason over & over again: because you were already expecting the worst, so there’s no surprise if it goes according to your imagination.
in the worst case scenario, you’ll head away home, have a couple of beers or some ice cream & you’re as well as new & ready to start over, see how faith is going to challenge you once again.


3. you can better appreciate life
another good thing about being a pessimist is that you learn how to truly appreciate life.
you’re already familiar with the downfall & after you’re going to experience the amazing surprise of a success, you’ll be able to really make a difference in your perception of life.
you will then better understand the importance of both ups & downs in life & you’re going to appreciate everything that happens to your, good or bad, because you know in the end it will all make sense.
& you will see clearly that everything happens for a reason, that bad things are actually necessary in order to appreciate happiness & satisfaction.
the pieces of the puzzle will eventually be put together.


2. you’re more motivated
when you’re a pessimist, you’re always ready for the worst.
& as I’ve told you before, you’ve already imagined all the worst situations that can happen & inevitably, you’re always better prepared & more precautious.
but you know what all of these basically mean? what they make together?
a strong motivation. behind every pessimist’s thought, there is a strong motivation to make everything they can in order to avoid all disasters that can happen.
so, basically you’re one step ahead of the optimists & that happens without any effort.


1. you’ll become a professional planner
& the best lesson you’re going to learn as a pessimist is this.
because of the fact that you’re always going through all sorts of situations in your head & how to deal with them, you’ll become some sort of a control freak of awful scenarios.
but that’s a good thing actually because you’ll be a professional planner, you’ll easily get the ability to think of the smallest details & nothing will go past you.
& as mad as it may seem for an optimist, this is actually very good for yourself because it will help you in many aspects of your life to deal with complicated situations.


so, are you a pessimist or an optimist?
if you are a pessimist, did these reasons help you to better appreciate your perspective on life?




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