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unreal looking places around the world

    I always get this questions from you asking for unconventional traveling recommendation so this week I decided to go with Unreal Looking Places Around The World! these are some of the most amazing places around the world that are simply hard to believe they are real because they’re not so popular or talked about! […]

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best places to enjoy a starry night

first of all, let’s be clear. when I say starry night, I’m not referring to the stars from the sky. you can figure it out from the photos. what are these glowing things that makes us feel so comfortable and peaceful? ‘Bioluminescence‘ is the production & emission of light by living organisms. it occurs mostly in […]

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luxury travel: a trip to Machu Picchu

what if this year we leave all the common European travel destinations behind & go for something more special? let’s try some Luxury travel: A trip to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca site located on a mountain ridge, 2,430 meters above sea level. it is situated above The Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andes of Peru, close to […]

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most luxurious trip to Bora Bora ever

if you were searching for the ultimate vacation, well you found it! this is the most luxurious trip to Bora Bora ever. one of the most luxurious destinations in the world is Bora Bora. this location attracted celebrity guests such as Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Quincy Jones, Christina Applegate, Rob Lowe & Sharon Stone, & many more. but what […]

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